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November 11th, 2005

Winners name Highlighted:


1st Match - Singles Match

Executioner v.s Rufus


2nd Match - Singles Match ***Intercontinental Championship***

Chrono Chris v.s Heavy J


3rd Match - Singles Match ***Blue Thunder Championship***

Blitz v.s Superman


4th Match - 8 Man Elimination Match ***United States Championship***

Rufus v.s Unstoppable v.s Executioner v.s Nemesis v.s Flyin Hawaiian v.s Soldier v.s Viper v.s Jay-K


5th Match - Singles Match ***European Championship***

Aganee v.s X


Main Event - Triple Threat Match ***Undisputed Championship***

Scorpion v.s Grave Digger v.s Anubis


Other Notes:

The owner of EPWE has taken over!!! Mr. Bud Carson took over EPWE and told everyone that there was a new sheriff in town. He made added a few rules for the wrestlers and the fans as well....but it was his announcement after the Intercontinental Championship match that shocked everyone in the arena. Mr. Carson had the whole EPWE roster come out to the ring and announced that on December 23rd, EPWE is going to have a Christmas Tournament to find out just who is the best wrestler they have. The winner of the tournament will recieve a very large and impressive Christmas Tournament Trophy AND a check for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!


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