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Winners names Highlighted:


1st Match - 3 on 2 Handicap Gauntlet Match

Nemesis, Executioner & Dark Soul


Viper & Shadow Spirit / Aganee & Joker / JDP & Blitz

2nd Match - Triple Threat Match

Heavy J v.s X v.s Blitz


3rd Match - Singles Match

***United States Championship***

Flyin Hawaiian v.s Jay - K


4th Match - Singles Match

Chrono Chris v.s Chaos


5th Match - Singles Match

Jon "The GM" v.s Superman


Main Event - Singles Match

Grave Digger v.s Scoprion


Other Notes:

The Flyin Hawaiian Richie Steamboat is on the road to recovery!!! After a dreadful attack by the GM and Jay-K...the United States Champion the Flyin Hawaiian suffered a broken ankle due to numerous chair shots to the leg and his ankle. Then the former US Champ Jay-K placed Hawaii's ankle inbetween the folding parts of the steel chair and proceeded to stomp on the chair. Hawaii had to be carried to the back and after the show was escorted to the hospital. He will probably be out for 1-2 months. We hope he recovers fast and will be back in no time.



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