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The GM's 2 Cents
Thursday, November 24, 2005

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first edition of The GM's 2 cents. This here page is to explain to you ungrateful fans about what really goes on in The Mans head. OK, as you all know I recently lost my Blue Thunder Championship to that loser Superman. But don't worry I know you all want to see me win it back and you unworthy fans shall not be disappointed. However, I have some personal business to attend to before I get back my gold. That business being everyone’s favorite letter...X. X screwed me out of my match against that stupid insect Scorpion and trust me he will regret it. This past Friday at EPWE's Melee I got screwed because X helped that chump Scorpion pick up the win. So now X will understand why noone...and I mean noone ever messes with The Man and gets away with it. And trust me…I have no intensions of holding back, X will not walk out of that ring once I am done with him. Now... back to things that matter, the EPWE is soaring to new heights (thanks to the man) and it is my unfortunate duty to thank you degenerate fans for coming to EPWE Friday Nights. You the people have, believe it or not, helped us to get where we are and on behalf of the EPWE Locker room we say Thank You. I'm not proud for saying that by the way. Also i know you fans just love to see all of our hardcore action and I cant think of a better way then to have a Casket Match. So with that being said, ladies and gentlemen at EPWE's Last Chance on December 9, 2005 it will be Anubis vs. Gravedigger in a Casket Match for the EPWE Championship. Also on that historic night The Man (myself) will take the European Championship from that punk X and he will finally understand why noone messes with The Man. And trust me there is guaranteed to be much more action at our next few events so you won't wanna miss out so be there at EPWE Friday Nights. So there are my two cents whether you want it or not.
The Man has just left the building.


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