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November 18th, 2005


Winners names Highlighted:


1st Match - Tag Team Match

Executioner & Tha Corp v.s JDP & Unstoppable


2nd Match - Singles Match

Heavy J v.s Anubis


3rd Match - Singles Match

Viper v.s Superman


4th Match - Singles Match

"The GM" Jon v.s Scorpion


5th Match - Triple Threat Match

X v.s Chaos v.s Jay-K


6th Match - Singles Match

Flyin Hawaiian v.s Chrono Chris


Main Event - Lumberjack Match

Grave Digger v.s Blitz


Other Notes:

With the main event on its way, the finish to the match and the show was an emotional roller coaster. Blitz went to the top rope and yelled out for all to hear, "THIS IS FOR YOU EDDIE!!" He leaped off the top rope and hit Grave Digger with a frog splash for the win. After his hand was raised in the air to declare he was the winner, he grabbed the flag and the whole EPWE roster helped spread out the flag to place in the middle of the ring. Every wrestler got down on one knee and said their prayers for the late Eddie Guerrero. Many cried, many just kept their heads down to try and hold back their emotions. Either way, the roster and the fans showed great respect towards Eddie. Once again, Eddie, we love you and we will miss you every week we watch Smackdown. You will always be in our thoughts as we continue our long road to stardom, to try and take the torch that you have now passed onto us. Our prayers and condolences go out to the WWE and the whole Guerrero faimly...and Eddie, we will see you again in the golden ring of heaven where we hope to get to be graced with your presence.



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